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Lenore Half-Jaw

Lenore Half-Jaw

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The Lenore Half-Jaw is crafted from high-quality .925 Sterling Silver. This ring features 5mm white brilliant crystal eyes set within the skull, with eyelids that captivatingly open and close with movement. The silver is artfully treated with an iridescent patina that gradients from the back to the sides of the skull, while the front is high-polished for a distinctive finish.

Feel free to contact me for different stone/crystal color requests, likely this will not alter the final price unless natural stones are requested. 

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 5mm Crystals
  • Iridescent gradient patina treatment
  • Engraved Internal Affairs logo and hallmark
  • Internal Affairs jewellery is handcrafted in Yerevan, Armenia
  • Tax included. Complimentary shipping.
  • To assist in sizing please refer to Ring Sizing 



Although the Battle of Prague is over, William, the fiancé of a young woman named Lenore, has not yet returned from the Seven Years' War. Lenore has been anxiously worrying about him daily and yearning for his return, but she has received no news. When the other soldiers come back without William, she begins to argue with God, lamenting his injustice and claiming he has never done her any good.

At midnight, a mysterious stranger resembling William knocks on the door, searching for Lenore, and asks her to accompany him on horseback to their marriage bed. Overjoyed, Lenore mounts the stranger's black steed, and they ride at a frantic pace under the moonlight, passing through eerie landscapes. Terrified, Lenore questions why they are riding so fast. He replies that "the dead travel fast".

As dawn breaks, their journey ends at the cemetery gates. As they pass through the tombstones, the knight begins to lose his human appearance, revealing himself as Death, a skeleton with a scythe and an hourglass. The marriage bed turns out to be a grave, where William's skeleton lies alongside his shattered armor. The ground beneath Lenore's feet begins to crumble, and spirits dancing in the moonlight surround her, proclaiming that "no one is to quarrel with God in Heaven".

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