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Masque 2090 XGC

Masque 2090 XGC

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The Masque 2090 XGC ring, inspired by the masks worn delicately by the prosperous class at 16th century balls, features a mirror-polished face adorned with a unique rainbow-glazed patina masquerade mask, intricately fashioned from high-quality .925 Sterling Silver. Its visage is embellished with captivating 3mm opal eyes. Notably, the eyelids exhibit an enchanting motion, gracefully opening and closing with each movement

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Mask detailing
  • Engraved Internal Affairs logo and hallmark
  • 3mm Opals (AA LAB)
  • Internal Affairs jewellery is handcrafted in Yerevan, Armenia
  • Tax included. Complimentary shipping.
  • To assist in sizing please refer to Ring Sizing 

Feel free to contact regarding special orders, stone requests

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